Jerry Bennett
Over the last 25 years Jerry has been a leader in dental implant technology in the Chicago area.

Gary Kasprzyk
Ceramist - Attended Triton college and has over 34 years experience working as a technician.

John Gunkel
Ceramist - Attended Triton college and has been working as a technician since 1978.

All work is normally completed within 5 to 10 working days, depending on design and complexity, and ready for FREE delivery. As soon as your case arrives, we review your prescription. If we have questions, or suggestions, we call you immediately. We move mountains to meet your specific needs. Most important, you get your case on time, every time!


Bennett Dental Lab fabricates fine crown and bridge restorations with special expertise in implant technology. Our accounts participated in a nationwide survey conducted by WJR, and independent consultant.
The doctors rated our performance in 5 critical areas. We were then compard to a statistical database of 22,813 North American
labs. The survey awarded us the highly coveted "Superior +" lab designation.